The Global Backend as a Service


A Hunch

A few weeks ago we had this hunch. Our hypothesis was that developers from around the world are building applications on the CloudMine platform. Being so intrigued with data, we hit up one of our databases and pulled down a list of IP addresses of people who signed up. We then mapped this dataset against a public record of IP address locations to aggregate their appropriate country of origin. Next, I went to work crunching the numbers and allocating the visual elements to create a heat map of where our users signed up from.

Understanding and Influence

The interesting nugget of information we garnered from this research is that 48% of all accounts are from outside the United States. That’s almost half of our user base! We were not expecting results like this, and quite frankly, we were pretty stoked that we have such a varied base of developers on CloudMine. 

Pieces of information like this help inform our internal design team to focus our product enhancements and UI requirements. Empathizing with our users means understanding that English may not be their primary language. So, we design our dashboard and site interactions to easily afford new users a strong mental model of how to navigate and use our product — across all language barriers.


Looking through Google Analytics points us to how we have been able to spread so far and wide. You see, we’re a global sponsor of Startup Weekend — you can see our logo below the fold of their landing page ; ] — Because our company was founded out of a Startup weekend here in Philly, we enjoy giving back and helping out future startup leaders.

We’ve attended somewhere around 20 startup weekends and had 4 representatives floating around Startup Weekend Philly just this past weekend. We help coach the teams for success while also judging their technical involvement and inquiry. If one of the teams is set on developing an application, well, then we’re there to help them get that done, and to build that app as quickly, successfully and professionally as possible, too.


Sponsoring Startup Weekend has been great on many levels. We’ve networked with some amazing individuals from all over the United States and have been able to reach out across the globe to countries like Japan, Germany, Brazil, and even Iceland to get developers all over the world using and investigating CloudMine. 

If you happen to be one of those developers, near or far, feel free to drop a line, tell us your experiences. If it wasn’t from Startup Weekend, how’d you come across our platform? Or, if you’d like to become more involved and happen to be in Philadelphia, swing into our office at Venturef0rth — I’ll buy you lunch and we can chat about CloudMine. And life.

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